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Find original artwork for sale on my Etsy (Link below). As an artist and writer, I create work that encourages people to connect inward. I love to create and share on Instagram and Etsy. Give me a follow, or purchase a truly original piece of artwork. :

Etsy, Gordon Hays Artwork:

Instagram: @gordonhays_artwork

The Fear Factor

“When I hear people talk about a fear of failing, I get so tired. You think you’re afraid of failing, but in fact you’re doing it now. Let’s talk about your fear of succeeding.”
-Gordon Hays 2016

The Way Within


“You know how sometimes you feel lost and alone, and so you pray to be shown the way…That way usually leads you within, and toward your Self.”

-Gordon Hays, 2016

You can also see my artwork on Facebook at the Gordon Hays Artwork page.