Blank Verse



These tiny little magic wands I love,

creating wonder, hours full of fun.

Name the colors of imagination:

A jubilee of melted popsicle,

leftovers escape dripping down my chin.

Citrus just within reach, plucked peeled and juiced.

Like a brilliant burst of sour squeeze,

hanging bright and shiny in summer sky.

As freshness sealed in tiny leaves, as gum

I chew, enjoying my kissable breath.

Wild ones, polka dot my morning muffin.

In the vineyard find these bunches hanging,

 or savor late and call it cabernet.

Warm rich spice, dusting atop a latte.

Chewy candy ropes of coal, dark and sweet,

smuggled into the movie theater.

All of these I use, filling many books

and pages blank. I let the image rise.

~Gordon Hays 2013



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I am an Artist, Writer and Wayshower. You can see more of my work on Facebook. Please visit my pages. Gordon Hays Artwork: The Good Life with Gordon Radio Show:

2 thoughts on “Blank Verse”

  1. “Chewy candy ropes of coal, dark and sweet”, haha there is the black one I was talking about!! Blech!! This is so awesome though, its like a poem and a riddle in one. 🙂

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