Blog Check In #5

Imagine a cloudless sky of blue…sustained by coffee, unshaven, marinating in my own funk, tired…typing, so much typing, reading, so much reading…all clouds. I observe them, let them float away…Get outta here clouds.

It’s only been a few weeks back in school after years away, suddenly looking forward to summer. Puttin’ smarts in my brain is tough stuff.

Sometimes, its the pure simple moments that make the day. Last night, just before bed, my puppy and I yawned at the same time. That’s all. We both yawned at the same moment, and he won my heart all over again.

Free Verse, I’m so happy you’re here. I respect meter, structure, but I just want to feel the words and write them down. My postcard poem is such a profound moment for me. I have no idea where it’s all coming from, but I am emotional about this one. I started forming lines during class writing time, and unexpectedly found myself tearing up. I want to give this subject my utmost respect.  As of now, I dont have an ego-tripping poem draft. This one is causing me to glitch. Where to go with it? I might have an idea bubbling towards the surface soon. I’m looking forward to the song lyrics poem coming up, and almost immediately had my song examples picked out. “The Circle Game” by Joni Mitchell because I think she’s fascinating and that song has such truth to it. Basically, any song from Depeche Mode is going to pull a response from me. They are beyond inspiring, yet I am narrowing it down to their Ultra album, and most likely “Sister of night.”

This week I was pleased with my pantoum about pants. I thought to myself, am I gonna go there? Yup, I absolutely am. Because there’s nothing that haunts me more than the gorgeous male figure encased in denim. It was the most fun I’ve had creating a design for my draft to turn in.

That’s all for blogging now, my blue sky brain is fogging up. Darn clouds.


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One thought on “Blog Check In #5”

  1. I like reading your posts because there’s just so much joy and enthusiasm in them. I’m glad the free verse poem went well. Meter and structure are tough.

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