Blog Check In #8

“Ask and it shall be given you….Knock and it shall be opened unto you.” ~Matthew 7:7

The beauty of creation begins in the dark soil of the unknown. A question, a thought, an image, a spark of imagination, whispering to inspiration, grow…My desire shapes from nothing; becoming. Roots sinking deep, concepts unfolding, rising from beneath. Art is born. Artists hold the universe in our hands, reflections of a greater Creator. 

Thank you to the poetry section for reminding me what it is to create. The poetry section of class was a great beginning. Structure and meter excercised unused muscles. I’m happy with my accomplishments.

Reviewing my goals for the first section of class. I’m tempted to revise them, but actually, I believe it would be more difficult to keep them in place. So, in place they stay. I’m not afraid of challenge. Somehow, I will find a way to incorporate artistic embelllishment into my assignments even though I currently don’t have a short story concept in place. I will devote more time to adding artwork to my blog, and go back into the archives of my journal, finding past wisdoms to display in this space. I foresee the daily 30 minute writing time will be a great benefit to this section of class. As my story progresses those 30 minutes will ensure it keeps moving forward.

A toast to the conclusion of poetry, and the delicious challenges ahead!


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I am an Artist, Writer and Wayshower. You can see more of my work on Facebook. Please visit my pages. Gordon Hays Artwork: The Good Life with Gordon Radio Show:

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