Blog Check In #11

The early bird gets the worm-or in my case, the early bird downs a cup of coffee, and chases it with an iced americano loaded with espresso, types a blog, then heads to work. Morning is the best time for writing. My inner critics are still asleep, and the quiet allows space for my thoughts to flow. I’m altering my writing time to embrace the morning.

Flash Fiction was alot of fun! I’ve been panicked about writing the short story, mainly because I normally have an inspiration starting point, but I was blank for awhile. So, the night before Thursday’s class an idea started forming. I actually got out of bed, searching around in the dark for my writing book and started scribbling some notes. The point of all that is to say, flash fiction gave me the first chance to try my hand at typing out a bit of story, and reassured me I can do it…and also, dare, I say it, have fun! Writing should begin in a place of joy, struggle will happen, it’s all a part of the creative process, but beginning in a place of enjoyment and staying focused on enjoying every part of the process ensures success.

The lead character I have come up with is Lijah, Lijah is a Dreamer, he has some type of spiritual/magical gift, but its not developed and he is filled with self-doubt. Lijah will have to make a journey, and face obstacles that force him to face his fears. A kind of modern day fable. I don’t have Lijah’s age narrowed down yet. Still working out the kinks. He will face a few antagonists, literal and mental. He might be searching for something, like the treasure of Chulahwee (a land in his world). The first will be The Seer, he travels to get a glimpse of his future or some divine guidance, and finds that the future and those who dish out prophecy are not always kind. Also, and this makes me giggle, The Prince of a Thousand Pillows, Lijah passes through his realm during his journey, and finds it may not be so easy to leave. The Prince is a delightful sadist, the heir and guardian to a thousand pillows, give or take, who wants to keep Lijah for himself. The Prince loves plush things, and despises tassles on pillows.


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2 thoughts on “Blog Check In #11”

  1. *smiling* i love the whimsy detail of the prince despising tassles on pillows. that’s wonderful. i, too, prefer writing in the morning so i hope the change in your writing time will continue to work for you. i’m glad the flash fiction was fun. so my question about your character Lijah is: do you think he’s more of a loner type, and thus will be travelling alone on his journey, or do you think he’s more of a social type and will desire someone to join him on the journey? — Dr. A

  2. Oh yes, The Prince is very specific about the pillows within his realm, and as such tassles are forbidden. Imagine a delightful seeming sadist with a touch of obsessive compulsive disorder.
    Also, I see Lijah starting out as a loner, by nature he’s inclined to be this way, but part of his journey includes the characters he meets, so he will be forming friendships, facing enemies, and some may join him on the journey as the story shapes itself.

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