Blog Check In #13

Well, Blog Check In #12 didn’t happen. Let’s just say it was a rough day, kept reminding myself about blogging, then as I laid down to bed, slipping beneath my bedcovers, I felt the weight of the world, including school assignments slip from my shoulders…on the cusp of drifting off to sleep, my mind jolted. I didn’t blog! To my dismay, sleep’s tranquilizing agents had already entered my system. There was no escaping my bed. My blog is minus a check in. Dargh! It irks my sense of completion, but all is well.

So, here we are at Blog Check In #13. At this moment, writing is going well. Due to my varying work schedule I don’t have a set morning writing time I can stick to, but writing in the morning is now a part of my mental routine. I find myself scripting the words in my mind, wondering how I will shape the story. Yesterday, I took a pen and paper, laying down on the ground like I did as a kid, coloring in color books and wrote a scene of Lijah’s interaction with the Seer. I was surprised by how much I wrote, and even more surprised by how natural it felt. As natural as when I pick up a brush to paint. I spent the days before the short story section in a panic, believeing I didn’t have a tale to tell within me. But, once I decided to write what comes naturally to me, the ideas have arrived. I didn’t edit myself, judge myself, I just wrote with enjoyment.


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One thought on “Blog Check In #13”

  1. Success! Congratulations and glad to read that even though you may not physically write your mind is plotting first thing in the morning. — Dr. A

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