Block Check in #18

This morning I had the experience I’ve been waiting for. A searing hot cup of brewed coffee in hand, rich dark nectar at my lips, and the sun shining bright in the sky. I woke my sleepyhead puppy and took him outside, as he nosed around in the grass, I took a sip of coffee and basked in the sunlight, breathing in the fresh air. No assignments due today. That’s a great feeling.
The short story section was a challenge, and I’m glad it’s over. I feel that I developed a unique story, and I amazed myself that I was able to write a little over 5,000 words by the end. Looking back, I wish I had not put so much pressure on myself, and just allowed it to happen in small portions. I tend to overwhelm myself. I was very impressed by my peers, and their stories as well. The input I received was valuable and I applied some of it to my short story.
As we transition into the screenplay section of class, I haven’t narrowed down the TV show I would like to write my screenplay about. I’m going to try not to panic as I did in the short story section. When we first talked about it in class, I immediately thought of Charmed. Im a sucker for the Halliwell sisters. But, it needs to be a show that’s on air or hiatus currently. That changes things. As I discussed in class, I also thought of The Vampire Diaries, but Dr. A is as much a fan as I am, and the added pressure to make it good would probably end up stifling my creativity as it did in the short story section. Don’t want to revisit that. I toyed with the idea of The Good Wife, but that show is so incredibly smart I wouldn’t know where to begin. I’m going to do some more searching before I finalize my show of choice.


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2 thoughts on “Block Check in #18”

  1. The description of your morning was a story in itself; I could taste the coffee and smell the sleepy pup in the morning air. You’re an eloquent writer, Gordon. Congratulations in advance for a successful finish to your semester.

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