Yesterday, I was at the river. There were no classes, no exams, and no challenges that could interrupt my experience. I scavenged among the stones, while the crystal clear water flowed past me. I could look into the depth of the river bank like it was covered in glass. I gathered stone after stone that caught my eye, like treasures from a deep chest. Cradling my found treasures, I delighted in watching my courageous puppy dart into the water, attacking stray floating leaves that dared to escape his reach. But, I was lost. I am lost. I didn’t know it at the time, but as I wandered along the river, I was praying. Help me find my way. I have the heart of a warrior, the gentleness of a healer, but I don’t know what to do. How does a Wayshower find his way?
Strength comes in many forms. Archangel Michael is revealing to me that to be a fighter means to be resilient, un-relenting, unwavering. Courage is nothing without heart to give it form. Battle is nothing without a warrior’s spirit, helping him endure. I must bend with the challenges that come, forward moving through obstacles, bearing the sword of Triumph. I must become a Wayfinder.