Yesterday, I was at the river. There were no classes, no exams, and no challenges that could interrupt my experience. I scavenged among the stones, while the crystal clear water flowed past me. I could look into the depth of the river bank like it was covered in glass. I gathered stone after stone that caught my eye, like treasures from a deep chest. Cradling my found treasures, I delighted in watching my courageous puppy dart into the water, attacking stray floating leaves that dared to escape his reach. But, I was lost. I am lost. I didn’t know it at the time, but as I wandered along the river, I was praying. Help me find my way. I have the heart of a warrior, the gentleness of a healer, but I don’t know what to do. How does a Wayshower find his way?
Strength comes in many forms. Archangel Michael is revealing to me that to be a fighter means to be resilient, un-relenting, unwavering. Courage is nothing without heart to give it form. Battle is nothing without a warrior’s spirit, helping him endure. I must bend with the challenges that come, forward moving through obstacles, bearing the sword of Triumph. I must become a Wayfinder.


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I am an Artist, Writer and Wayshower. You can see more of my work on Facebook. Please visit my pages. Gordon Hays Artwork: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gordon-Hays-Artwork/380616048717195 The Good Life with Gordon Radio Show: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Good-Life-with-Gordon/1463801707210100

One thought on “Wayfinder”

  1. Love this, Gordon!! Our journeys here on earth are so full of turns and bumps. Is that why we are here?? Maybe on the otherside it is nothing but perfect love. But here, on earth, we stretch, we grow, we experience love in many different ways. I am thinking of you today…..

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