The Eyes Have It…

Do you ever have one of those moments when in the midst of daily routine you pause, wondering-what’s it all for? I have about a hundred of those a day. The tiny glimpses of sunshine seem few and far between, wishing for something but not knowing what. Tiny islands of escape can be found in my deep well of red wine after a long day. My professor brought up the poem below by Naomi Nye during class discussion. I think its remarkable. As an avid observer of subtlety, I live for the smallest moments, glances, when the world opens up…and the rest of the day is steeped in intrigue. I would live to serve in naomi’s empire.

Eye-to Eye
Please forgive this interruption.
I am forging a career,
A delicate enterprise
of eyes. Your included.
We will meet at the corner,
You with your sack lunch,
me with my guitar.
We will be wearing our famous street faces,
anonymous as trees.
Suddenly you will see me,
you will blink, hesitant,
then realize I have not looked away.
For one brave second
we will stare
from borderless skins.
This is my salary.
There are no days off.
~ Naomi Nye


The Thing About Love

“Sing in me Muse, and through me tell the story.”


Love, like life, is about the journey not the destination. Avoid it and it will intrude upon your carefully constructed world, wreaking intoxicating havoc. Seek it out, and it will flee, like a hunted deer among life’s harsh landscape. Try to posses it, and it will slip away from your grasp, like water through a closed fist. The only answer and perhaps the most difficult, is to surrender at all times to love’s arrival without holding on.

The way I’ve learned it, love attracts love, and this means that you must feel it in order to receive it. Infusing every area of your life with love draws it ever closer. Although, there is no formal recipe, a dash of desire and a hint of excitement, these and more always help.

Finally, it doesn’t serve love to say I’ve been hurt before, because truly, haven’t we all? Instead, let yourself be broken open, forever reaching within toward that part of you longing to love.