The Trip

RockFeatherThe week before Spring Break was a difficult one for me. But, I am reminded of a sermon by T.D. Jakes in which he says, the blessing is in the breaking…It is hard to remember to be grateful when life is presenting us with so many hurdles. But, truly the toughest times end up being the ones that teach us the most. Sometimes, I do wonder-what is it all for? Why am I fighting for good grades, struggling for assignments, etc. There must be some purpose out there for me that I am being prepared for, but truly it isn’t clear to me now. So, I must trust. After struggling to maintain my mental strength all week, studying, memorizing and writing…I let the tears drip, driving home from class one night. The relief of doing well on a test combined with my professors encouraging words brought on alot of emotion. Suddenly, I was writing in my mind an idea of meeting God. Where it sprang from I don’t define, when the Muse is upon me I let it flow. This is what I wrote:

When I return home, God will be waiting for me in His study. I walk in the door to find God in His chair, reading the paper. His smile washes away the exhaustion of my long trip, and so very happy to see Him I cross the room as he moves to greet me. We embrace and he welcomes me to sit with Him awhile. I remove my coat and ease into the most comfortable chair that ever existed. God graciously offers me a cup of steaming hot tea, which I eagerly accept, savoring a flavor I’ve never tasted before but somehow it’s exactly what I need.

After a moment of perfect silence, God leans back looking me over, and with sincerity asks, “Well, how was it?”

Although, He already knows the answer.

With moist eyes, but smiling, I reply, “Better than expected.”

God just smiles and nods.

~ Gordon Hays, 2014


Soaring Eagle

“And if every way is closed before you,
the secret one will show a secret path no other eyes have seen.”

A few nights ago, I lay in bed with a restless mind. So many worries, so many details, not enough time…until I had to silence it. Stop. Liberate yourself. I’ve been meditating lately on my spirit animal. This animal changes, transforms for me. As new needs arise, new shapes emerge. A few years ago it was the horse: Freedom and Strength. Now, a new shape: the Eagle. Walking my puppy on the first day of the new year a bald eagle flew overhead, so close I felt I could reach up and touch its wings. Quiet and powerful it drifted over us and I stood in awe. A week or so ago, I was walking along the river, and I saw a bird in the distance…I was so drawn to it I began to walk faster, and then I slowed, watching. I knew not to hurry it would come to me. Graceful and beautiful it took its wide circle in the air, meeting me on the path again, flying directly over my head. I imagined this bird again as I lay in the dark, my content companion nuzzled against me under the blankets. Stopping the flood of worries, I forced an image in my mind. A warm bright sky, golden light, and my spirit eagle flying high, ever closer to the warm light. Higher in wide circles spiralling up and up. I prayed inwardly…Soaring eagle, let me see with your eyes, show me the secret path that no other eyes have seen.