Love Exists

“What is Love? Perfect thirst. So let me explain the water of Life.” – Rumi

This week I was watching one of my favorite TV reality shows. It happened to feature a wedding ceremony, and I will admit I found myself tearing up. The bride and groom exchanged vows that were simple, honest and loving. I began to wonder. It seems like in modern society couples are marrying as quickly as they divorce. I have become a bit cynical in regards to marriage, wondering why do we still do it? Some of us are fighting for the right to marry, and yet the myth of a marriage that lasts a lifetime seems like just that, a myth. Why do we get dressed up, buy a gift and endure a ceremony…knowing that the vows of devotion won’t last? Are we kidding ourselves? But then, while sitting alone in my house, tearing up at the lovely words of a bride and groom, the realization came. In a world of chaos and confusion we often focus on what is worth fighting for. Life seems like a battle against the odds when newspapers list tragedy after tragedy. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it…we still put on our nice clothes, wrap the gift and attend a wedding ceremony full of best wishes. Because, at the heart of it, we are acknowledging what is worth loving for. Somewhere in the chaos and confusion, two people have connected and shared their love with the world. We honor that love exists, and will continue existing. So, it doesn’t matter so much how long it lasts, although we hope it endures. The fact that love exists at all is worthy of celebration.

Gordon Hays
Artist, Writer, Wayshower

Gordon Hays Artwork

The Good Life with Gordon




Dear Reader, I began to scribble some notes this morning after my second dose of searing hot coffee, and a good laugh from some comedy clips on YouTube. It’s been a rough few days, and the space of time I was allowed in the morning before my first class became of the utmost importance. I would take my moment.

Life can feel like a series of hurdles, you successfully top one obstacle, and another looms on the horizon. It is during these phases that I lean on eastern philosophy the most. One Buddhist principle would suggest that life is suffering (although that is not an exact translation). Rather, the desire for a situation to be other than it is creates suffering. Accepting things as they are invites a state of peace. For the Taoist, it is adaptability. To be like water, flowing around obstacles, effortlessly. Through adaptability the obstacle no longer exists as an obstacle. I reach for these ideals, sometimes achieving a state of acceptance and adaptability. Other times, not so much.  My highest self understands. And I appreciate the rare moments, like the sun breaking through the clouds, when I get it.

Cultivating gratitude in any given situation has been my greatest tool towards facing the challenges of the past few years. The experience of gratitude for even the smallest of things is a deeply enriching sensory experience. Feeling blessed sinks into the marrow of your bones. Sitting in the feeling of gratitude pushes away all fear. Suddenly, the blessings multiply in remembering and the bubble of joy rises, escaping in a burst of laughter…even as the next hurdle looms. This is your life experience to have, and gratitude is a choice.

Someone once said, you can quit or you can work harder. If the thing you desire is for the highest good trust that a resevoir of boundless energy exists for you to draw upon. Push beyond the suffering, draw deeply from the well of love and gratitude and witness the miracles as they happen.

~Gordon Hays

Escape into the Everyday!

Dear Reader, escape into the everyday! Sometimes the right moment presents itself, and it is ours to take. Instead of sitting through another tortured lecture of literary lamentations I am taking the morning for myself. Why not throw down a blanket in the backyard, and soak in the sunlight? Kundera seems kinder in the sunshine, delving into deeper truths nearly refreshing with  a playful puppy at your side.

Something has been stirring within me recently. A thought about enjoying the beautiful moments. however brief, in the midst of the everyday. There are few things more stifling to creativity than the dulldrums of daily routine. Deadlines, details and duty can swallow the joy of daily activity. Apreciating the beautiful moments invigorates the senses. A change in routine or an impromptu connection carries a ripple effect. Suddenly, the impossible becomes do-able. No longer sleeping, but suddenly Awake.

An impromptu conversation or inspired connection can invigorate the senses, and lift the dull veil of the everyday. Nourish yourself and awaken to the beautiful moments.