Escape into the Everyday!

Dear Reader, escape into the everyday! Sometimes the right moment presents itself, and it is ours to take. Instead of sitting through another tortured lecture of literary lamentations I am taking the morning for myself. Why not throw down a blanket in the backyard, and soak in the sunlight? Kundera seems kinder in the sunshine, delving into deeper truths nearly refreshing with  a playful puppy at your side.

Something has been stirring within me recently. A thought about enjoying the beautiful moments. however brief, in the midst of the everyday. There are few things more stifling to creativity than the dulldrums of daily routine. Deadlines, details and duty can swallow the joy of daily activity. Apreciating the beautiful moments invigorates the senses. A change in routine or an impromptu connection carries a ripple effect. Suddenly, the impossible becomes do-able. No longer sleeping, but suddenly Awake.

An impromptu conversation or inspired connection can invigorate the senses, and lift the dull veil of the everyday. Nourish yourself and awaken to the beautiful moments.




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I am an Artist, Writer and Wayshower. You can see more of my work on Facebook. Please visit my pages. Gordon Hays Artwork: The Good Life with Gordon Radio Show:

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