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Dear Joe…

I wrote the poem featured below two years ago during my Creative Writing course, and wanted to share it again with my fellow bloggers! I was enjoying my delicious espresso beverage a few mornings ago, reminding me of my love and longing for all things Arabica. Savor!


“Dear Joe”

Dear Joe, don’t go. I long for more.
Stay, your stain upon my lips, I beg…oh, please.
Every taste is a pleasure, like none before.
Morning after morning, my heart does soar.
Is it any wonder the night plays cruelest tease?
Dear Joe, don’t go. I long for more.
You and I bound together at our core.
A day without you, and I brim with endless unease.
Every taste is a pleasure, like none before.
Why fight, why resist your frothy pour?
Down, down, I drink your dark brewed seas.
Dear Joe, don’t go. I long for more.
Some might say I am your whore.
Your fluid ounces I greedily seize.
Every taste is a pleasure, like none before.
No life imaginable without your grind, nor
searing sips as these.
Dear Joe, don’t go. I long for more.
Every taste is a pleasure, like none before.

– Gordon Hays 2013

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Take A Stand

Thankful Thursday! I wanted to share this inspiring poem by my dear friend and fellow blogger, Te’ Werner. Follow her blog for continued inspiration, and if you are on Facebook-check out and Like her page by visiting

Te' Werner...a writer's journey

Take a stand for what you believe to be true for you.
In the face of adversity, with fearlessness.

Take a stand for honour and respect.
In the light of reality, with strength.

Take a stand for yourself and others.
In the darkness of challenges, with courage.

Take a stand for your spirit and your life.
In the midst of conflict, with peace.

Take a stand for your faith and your belief.
In the questioning of doubt, with certainty.

Take a stand for clear communication and clarity.
In the presence of anger, with quiet resolve.

Take a stand for injustice and fairness.
In the world of wrong-doings, with compassion.

Take a stand for equality and balance.
In the path of danger, with foresight.

Take a stand for your heart and its aching.
In the division of relationships, with love.

Take a stand for your life and living.
In the face…

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Making a Miracle Come True!

Dandelion“How do we manifest a miracle? It begins with a wish.”

-Gordon Hays

Artist, Writer, Wayshower

Gordon Hays Artwork

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Soul Bridge: Maya Angelou’s Legacy of Literature

  Soul Bridge: Maya Angelou’s Legacy of Literature by Gordon Hays

“You said to call on Your name, and I’m calling. I’m stepping out on Your word” -Maya Angelou

    Yesterday marked a very special anniversary. On April 4th, 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. On that day in 1968, Maya Angelou was celebrating her 40th birthday. As the celebration of one influential Black woman’s life commenced, another important Black civil rights leader’s life ended. Maya Angelou lived for another forty-six years. And yet, a measurement of time cannot summarize a life. A set of years would not explain the impact and value of Angelou’s living experience and literary legacy. Eighty-six years cannot calculate the impact of Angelou’s written works, beyond the expanse of her life. Maya Angelou carries on. Angelou’s pages of poetry, literary works, films and music continue to educate, entertain and inspire. Like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I believe Maya Angelou acted as a soul bridge between generations, promoting peace and equality. With poetic grace, humility and moral strength, Angelou navigated the shifts in consciousness and social change surrounding the Civil Rights Movement and continued struggle for equality. Known for a writing process that included having a deck of cards and a crossword puzzle within arm’s reach, Angelou was an influential voice politically, personally and academically throughout the efforts for civil equality. Maya Angelou acted as a soul bridge, offering wisdom and encouragement through her writings, uniting racial and cultural differences through shared understanding, which demonstrate the positive ideals of an empowered African American woman.

Maya Angelou 1

It was while watching the 1993 film, Poetic Justice that I first encountered the words of Maya Angelou. In the film, Angelou’s powerful poem “Phenomenal Woman” is recited in voice over while Janet Jackson’s character is portrayed at home, immersed in an evening of solace. The sacredness of that moment in the film, combined with Angelou’s affirming poetry has continued to influence my thoughts and actions. Watching that film, and hearing Angelou’s words was a reminder of my own worth. I began to understand that I too have something to offer this world in my beautiful uniqueness. It may seem unlikely that the words of a black woman poet would resonate so deeply with a queer white man. But, that unlikely connection illustrates the manner in which Maya Angelou and her writings act as a soul bridge. Truth traverses the boundaries of race, culture, sexuality and class to unify the common thread of humanity and love. Angelou’s message of tolerance, acceptance and dignity demonstrate the enduring legacy of her literature.

Works Referenced, and Suggested Readings

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Angelou, Maya. And Still I Rise. New York: Random House, 1978. Print.

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Just Published in The Salmon Creek Journal 2015!

I am very excited to announce that my artwork and poetic narrative were just published in The Salmon Creek Journal 2015. Below, is the poetic narrative “Rainbow Cup” written in 2014 that I saved for this moment to share with you all. I am so honored to see these words reflected back to me in print!


“Rainbow Cup”

Gordon Hays, 2014

Nothing can grow from falsehood. It must begin with the seed of Truth.

Story shapers and deceivers know this alike.

The beginning. It starts with me.

People say I have an attitude, among other things.

I say, I speak my mind.

I say, I claim my voice.

I alone have walked through the fires of my life.

I alone exist with the charred remains of my personal triumphs, and the wasteland of my failures, flaws and missed opportunities.

I draw from the deep well of a varied past. Covert and cruel, beautiful and heartbreaking. The enduring spectrum of the modern queer.

I drink from a rainbow cup. Thick with the spoiled slick of hate and rejection; dredged with tears and brutality.

I drink from a rainbow cup. Spilling over with jubilant celebration; the flood of creative liberation.

I drink from a rainbow cup. Longing for a mulled sweetness, warmed by desire. A never sated want of un-ending thirst.

I drink from a rainbow cup. Poured from a history of silence and enduring strength. Poured from shadows of the past into an illuminated future.

Gordon Hays

Artist, Writer, Wayshower

Gordon Hays Artwork

The Good Life with Gordon