Take A Stand

Thankful Thursday! I wanted to share this inspiring poem by my dear friend and fellow blogger, Te’ Werner. Follow her blog for continued inspiration, and if you are on Facebook-check out and Like her page by visiting https://www.facebook.com/tewernertriumph

Te' Werner...a writer's journey

Take a stand for what you believe to be true for you.
In the face of adversity, with fearlessness.

Take a stand for honour and respect.
In the light of reality, with strength.

Take a stand for yourself and others.
In the darkness of challenges, with courage.

Take a stand for your spirit and your life.
In the midst of conflict, with peace.

Take a stand for your faith and your belief.
In the questioning of doubt, with certainty.

Take a stand for clear communication and clarity.
In the presence of anger, with quiet resolve.

Take a stand for injustice and fairness.
In the world of wrong-doings, with compassion.

Take a stand for equality and balance.
In the path of danger, with foresight.

Take a stand for your heart and its aching.
In the division of relationships, with love.

Take a stand for your life and living.
In the faceā€¦

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2 thoughts on “Take A Stand”

  1. Gordon I found joy today as you honored one my most powerful writing pieces, “Take a Stand!” I am honored and very full of gratitude!

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