Make Friends with Fear.

“If you’re afraid of something, face it…The only way to conquer your fear is to stand next to it.” -Jennifer Armintrout

Horse and Bucky

Horse and Bucky photo by Gordon Hays, 2014

This special moment between my fifteen pound hero, and the beautiful horse along our walk reminds me to have courage, and make friends with fear!

Gordon xoxo


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3 thoughts on “Make Friends with Fear.”

  1. Love it! Animals are just so non-judgmental of each other. Watching our horses interact with dogs, cats, chooks, birds and other horses is my favourite T.V. show at home! 🙂

    1. I was so struck by the gentle spirit of this massive stallion. My lil puppy was scared but he went up and licked the horse’s nose. It was a special moment to witness!

      1. Horses are so gentle with other animals and they are so inquisitive. Given both dogs and horses are able to sum others, both animals and humans, up at lightning speed, it really tells you something. I can imagine what a special moment this would have been for you. Appreciating the little things is what makes our lives so special! 🙂

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