Flash Fiction English 251

Our assignment: Use the protagonist and antagonist we created during group projects in class: Rebecca and Cassandra. Write 250-500 words. The flash fiction must feature both characters, take place in the mall, and begin with these 4 sentences -Most days were the same. But not today. Today was different. Today was special. Here’s what I wrote:

Most days were the same. But not today. Today was different. Today was special. Cassandra sat at her desk, sucking on a butterscotch candy like her Grandpa used to give her as a little girl. She stared bitterly at the photo pinned to her corkboard. The photograph was of her as a young girl, dressed in her ballerina outfit. Life had sopped her up like she was the gravy and it was a big ol’ biscuit. It sopped and sopped ’til there wasn’t anything left but a greasy smear that used to be her joy, her youth, and her dreams. Cassandra was life leftovers, gimping through the rest of her existence. She was smothered in old hopes like elderly lady powder. Every night she drank herself to sleep, shaken awake every morning with the cruelest realization that she had a shoe store to run. A foot amputee selling shoes. Boy, life sure knew hot to stick it to a gal. You can’t buy a single shoe, can you? You can only buy the pair…Cassandra threw a sharp glance at the door when she heard the timid knock. “What is it?” she snapped. Rebecca stood partially in the doorway, sensing Cassandra’s mood. “Good morning Cassandra, I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday…and give you these.” Rebecca held out a simple yet fashionable vase, blooming with petite roses. “Why would you do that?” Cassandra asked, looking at the vase as if it held vipers instead of flowers. The two had never been friendly, due to Cassandra’s constant micromanaging. Moving carefully, Rebecca set the flowers on Cassandra’s desk and turned to go, pausing to say, “Everyone deserves a little joy on their birthday.” She smiled with compassion, knowing Cassandra thought she was ridiculous for trying. She sighed, kicking herself for imagining things could be different between them. But, just before she closed the door to Cassandra’s office she heard a soft reply, “Thank You.”


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